Parker Riggs' mystery novel FINDING JESSICA is available!  You can buy the book directly from Mainly Murder Press, Barnes & Noble, independent New Hampshire bookstores Gibson's, Toadstool, RiverRun, and Amazon, or any bookstore in your area (support your local booksellers whoever they are!).  To order an e-book, visit the above booksellers' websites for Nook and Kindle, as well as Untreedreads and iTunes.  Signed copies of Finding Jessica are also available at the Currier Museum Gift Shop, Manchester, NH! 

Also look for Parker as co-author of the fourth book in Ellery Adams' Collectible Mystery series, A TREACHEROUS TRADER, and check out Ellery's website for more information about her wonderful, cozy mystery novels. 


Call it a crime wave for the small town of Haven, New Hampshire.  Call it a nightmare for Rose Chandler.  No sooner has the internationally acclaimed artist Barrington Bigelow arrived in Haven to find his past love Jessica, than things go terribly wrong.  Rose’s employee is murdered in the woods near the lake, Barrington is attacked, and his cottage is ransacked.  If that isn’t enough to gin up Haven’s gossip mill, an ex-con surfer boy who’s been secretly dating the new guy in town turns up dead in the alley of Haven’s most popular restaurant.  And Sandy Beach, a mobster wanted by the FBI, is running stolen artwork across the border…and he’s using someone in Haven to do it.  Rose joins forces with Detective Rocky Rhodes (a big man with a big appetite, a pixie wife, and three mischievous kids) and discovers that Jessica has a connection to the mobster, Beach.  As the novel heats up to a shocking climax, Rose finds herself in one of the most precarious situations in her life.  In order to find Jessica, solve those murders and bring down Beach, she’s got to risk her own life and the possibility of prison without parole––forever.